About Us!

Who We Are

You will find us down an old dirt road that follows the James river. Next to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In a little forest of our own. We might have a little home but it’s filled with lots of love and so much room outside to play. We have creeks to dip our head in and grab the rocks at the bottom. We have the pond to swim and play fetch for hours on end. The miles of hiking, smelling every smell we can. Following every squirrel or deer that comes in our path. 

Yes we are a Romain pack. We might be called a kennel to most. But we are really a pack and live a pack life. With this type of life brings that little extra for every puppy. We start imprinting from the time they are born. Every day every puppy gets one on one time. This helps with their neurological development and makes for an overall amazing pack member.

A long history of healthy breeding

Being a third generation pack breeder comes with great responsibility. Making sure all of our puppies are going to be healthy from the inside out, from their nose to the tips of their tails. So with that, all of our parent dogs are tested before we will even consider adding them to our program. From DNA testing of all kinds to OFA, that way we know that your family will be getting a pack member that will live a healthy long life.

Your puppy will be more than ready to come home

All of our puppies come to their forever homes with their vet examination records, microchipped, all of their paperwork for the time they were born, and their first month supply of flea tick and heartworm medication. All of our puppies are P pad and litter box trained and also know how to use a doggie door. You will also go home with a new puppy welcome packet as well as your health guarantee. Thank you for considering adding one of our babies to your pack! View our available puppies here.